Reuter Pipe Organ 30th Birthday

Our magnificent Reuter Pipe Organ has been celebrating it’s 30th Birthday with a thorough cleaning this month. David Richards of the Allegheny Pipe Organ Company, Pittsburgh, who assisted with the original installation 1n 1987, has returned twice every year since for tunings. The life of a pipe organ is undetermined but does need preventive maintenance every 25 to 30 years. Upon his recommendation, we agreed that 30 years of dust on any-thing isn’t good and that the organ needed a major clean-ing. On June 30th and July 1st, Dave and a 5-man crew from Pittsburgh, carefully disassembled and packed most of the nearly 2000 pipes for transport to Pittsburgh. They returned July 9th and 10th with some of the cleaned pipes and to work on cleaning the largest pipes which had re-mained here. The pipe chambers, voicing wires, resona-tors, and console

were thoroughly cleaned. This week, all the cleaned pipes have been returned and tuned. Par-ticularly striking is a re-lacquered finish of the Trompette en Chamade (horizontal trumpet). This preventative maintenance will insure that the organ will remain in the best possible condition for future generations. This very extensive and expensive project was made possible by an anonymous parishioner donor. Sincere thanks to this fam-ily for making a once in a life time event for many of us a reality!