Restoration Update

Dear Friends-
The restoration work on the church continues. One of the main hurdles that remains is to provide a safe way for the workers to access the attic. One currently does not exist, so one must be designed and added so that they can reach all of the areas of the attic to remove the rest of the insulation which is contaminated with smoke and soot.
The interior of the attic must be then be sealed from any future smoke scent and new insulation will then be added to the attic.
Then the work can then begin on the electrical system replacing the majority of the lighting of the church. Then the interior plasterwork on the ceilings must be completed prior to sealing the entire interior of the church from any future smoke smell. Afterwards the interior of the church will then be painted.
This restoration is a lengthy project but we need to realize that this will minimally take 6 weeks to complete. We will continue to update you as this project continues.
The Lord’s Day Mass will continue to be in the Neighborhood Center. Daily Mass will continue to be in the Kelly Room. Confessions will be held in the Kelly Room Office a half hour prior to the Lord’s Day Masses.
Please remember that We are the Church- no matter where we celebrate the Eucharist together.
In the Most Blessed Sacrament-
Monsignor Michael Billian