Support Our Priests’ Retirement

Support Our Priests’ Retirement: Our priests have made a gift of their lives in service to the Church, and we are grateful for their many years of priestly ministry. In the United States, half of all the U.S. diocesan priests are expected to retire by 2019.

Please express your appreciation for those who have faithfully served in the Diocese of Toledo by making a gift to Perpetuate the Gift Appeal. Once a priest retires, he is responsible for his own personal expenses such as housing, clothing, and food. Your gift benefits our dioce- san priests, retired diocesan priests, and your parish. The Perpetuate the Gift appeal also helps retiring priests with the cost of healthcare by providing a Medicare supple- ment. All funds contributed between October 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017, help reduce the amount the parish contributes to the fund. A gift of cash or check can be sent to Perpetuate the Gift, PO Box 954, Toledo, OH, 43697 or placed in the parish collection. A gift may also be made online at