Quilters Corner

From the Quilters’ Corner

Here’s an update from a busy sewing season for the quilters. We’ve been able to provide many comfort lap quilts for funeral families, parishioners who are in area senior care facilities and others who are ill. We’ve also provided some quilts for the Perpetual Adoration Chapel for adorers who get chilly while in the chapel.

The weekend of October 21/22 we’ll have these lap quilts available in the narthex if you’d like to take one to someone who could use some comfort. These are FREE but if you’d like to leave a donation we’d appreciate it as we’d use these dollars to purchase fleece and supplies for more quilts.

In addition to the lap quilts, we also have been working with Gabriel’s Gowns to make infant gowns for families of babies who are never able to leave the hospital. In the past 2 years, 350 infant burial gowns have been made by the Quilters from donated wedding dresses.


We had some Christmas fabric we’ve used to make Christmas quilts as gift items which will be sold for $25 each. These also will be available the weekend of October 21/22.