What is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?

It is a Gift!

This gift was given to Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in 1994. A small gift, the size of a Mustard Seed; especially for children, but also for adults. Adults are invited to journey with the children to discover the Mystery of God and the Mystery of the Child. It is a Way of Life! How to live the Christian life in the everyday. Even the youngest of children have a deep relationship with God, after all they just arrived from God as a gift to parents. The children ask for help to grow in their relationship with God. There is much Joy!

Is the Love and Truth about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit the same in every parts of our daily life, in our home, in our school, and in our church?
The Gospel message is proclaimed, experiencing Prayer and Worship, building of Community, promoting Peace and Justice, and connecting with church are the foundation. These are the teachings of Jesus the Good Shepherd. A distinctive feature is the Atrium. A space to gather with hands on materials that have been made with love to connect with church.

At Most Blessed Sacrament Parish there are two rooms designated as Atrium. One for the youngest children, 3 to 6 year olds – Sunday during 11:00 Holy Mass, beginning September 9 this year; Monday and Wednesday for Kindergarten and First Grade, and the other for the Second and Third Grades, both fitting the school schedule. Wednesday evening the children who attend Public School and attend the Religious Education also have the opportunity to experience the Atrium. These schedules show how this gift has grown within our Par- ish. Outside of our Parish this gift has grown within the Diocese of Toledo! There are at least 24 Atrium! Formation Courses continue for those called to become Catechists.

For more information or for an opportunity to experience Prayer Work in the Atrium for Adults, contact Karen Momenee at 419 472-0620 or kmomenee