Most Blessed Sacrament parish will host its first fish fry on Friday, Feb. 28. Occurring each Friday in Lent, the fish fry events are a major part of our parish and community life. Many volunteers are needed to support both the preparation for and execution of the events. Below are descriptions of each role. Please consider joining for one or all six weeks by signing up at the links below.

Friday, Feb. 28 Fish Fry

Friday, March 6 Fish Fry               

Friday, March 13 Fish Fry           

Friday, March 20 Fish Fry

Friday, March 27 Fish Fry

Friday, April 3 Fish Fry  

Weekly baked goods team

Weekly food prep team

Please contact the parish office if you have any difficulties accessing the links or have question.

2020 Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Fish Fry Dinners February 28, March 6, 13, 20 and 27, and April 3

Most Blessed Sacrament parish will host its first fish fry dinner on February 28. Occurring each Friday in Lent, the six fish fry events are a major part of our parish, school and community life. Many volunteers are needed; please prayerfully consider signing up for a shift or two … or six. Volunteer links can be found on the parish website. Not sure how to help or new to the fish fry dinners? Read about all the opportunities that are available. All are welcome; we can’t wait to thank you in person!

Comfortable with cash? Then dine-in and take-out ticket sales is where you will want to be. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old, comfortable handling money and working on a laptop. This is a seated role and the welcoming face to our dinner guests. You might also like selling 50/50 tickets –chatting with guests while walking through the gym and Kelly Room yelling “50/50” and waving colorful tickets in the air is an added benefit of this role.

Our buffet servers are the best. Really, they are. These adults keep the food line moving while dishing up an array of delicacies to our hungry guests. Latex gloves and a smile are all that is required for this standing role. We provide the gloves, you bring the smile. Now, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about our dessert and refreshment servers. They provide a sweet treat and some thirst-quenching refreshments to make a good meal even better.

Our adults-only outside fryer team must have taken the postman’s creed because “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will stop them from frying fish. They have a team of outside runners who bring the fish to the gym, so the fryers can “keep calm & fry on.” Dress for the weather and join them for this fast paced but rewarding role.

The kitchen crew is the heart of our operation. During the dinner, they continue to prepare the baked fish, French fries, and mac & cheese, and keep the salad, condiments and rolls stocked. You must be at least 18 years old to be in the kitchen. If you like to be in the kitchen but cannot make it on Friday, join the “sugar pie, honey bunch” otherwise known as our bakers. Our desserts are in the top three favorites of our guests – along with our fried fish and coleslaw.

Did you know we offer a take-out option expertly prepared by our take-out food prep team? These volunteers fill and pack the custom dinner orders with care. Did we mention they have helpers – the take-our runners – who bring the the orders and run the packed dinners back to our waiting guests? This is a great role for those who just can’t sit still or for our junior and high school students in need of service hours.

Serving over 800 dinners each Friday means a lot of preparation. None of this is possible without our weekly prep team members who work on Thursdays and Fridays to thaw and bread the fish, give the baked potatoes a good scrubbing before gift-wrapping them in foil, and mix up our award-winning coleslaw. Did I mention they have a lot of fun doing it? This is an area of great need and you won’t regret joining them.

Our guests love to visit with each other, but no one wants to sit at a table covered with empty plates. The table-cleaning crew keeps the dining room in tip-top shape. This is a great job for parent and child teams or groups that would like to work together. Our dishwashers are key to our kitchen crew’s success. This standing, and sometimes wet role, is also great for junior and high school students in need of service hours. Can’t join us before 7 p.m. but have an hour to spare? Then help the table & chair cleanup crew break down tables and stack chairs – many hands make light work. We also need help taking home the dish rags, towels and aprons used during the evening for a good washing – you will have a special place in our hearts if you accept this opportunity. You can return them to us at mass on Sunday.

And lastly, our greeters open the doors and say, “Welcome to Most Blessed Sacrament!” It’s a rewarding job you won’t soon forget.