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From the Desk of Father Mike


In our Holy Gospel this Sunday, Jesus sends his disciples out two by two, telling them to take very little with them:  no money, no sack, not even a pair of sandals, and then he tells them not to worry about where they are going and how they are going to get there.  Now if that were us – we would be beside ourselves!  What about our credit cards?! What about a change of clean clothes?!  What about our phones, I-Pads, and chargers?! What about our hair product?!  What about our GPS?!  What about Father Mike’s weekly Sunday Bulletin articles?!  How can we live without these things?! How will we know where we are going?!

Let’s be honest:  having a sense of direction and having SOME idea where we are going is important. Bad directions can leave us lost in the middle of nowhere and good directions can guide us safely to where we need to be. We’ve all had the experience of discovering, either literally or otherwise, that we’ve been on the wrong road or headed in the wrong direction, and we have to manage to somehow turn ourselves around.

Our Gospel builds upon the Gospel of last Sunday, where Jesus says that anyone who keeps looking back to what they left behind is not fit for the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is telling us not to look back, but ahead, to trust him and follow where He calls us to go. True discipleship will take us places we never thought we’d go, from the highest peaks of this earthly life to its lowest valleys.  The demands of the Kingdom and of discipleship will lead us down many roads, with its share of twists and turns.  At times we will get lost, at times we will question our direction, and often with Gods’ grace we will change our direction completely. But at all times, our compassionate Lord is walking with us!

Currently, we are at approximately 74%of our Parish Goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal(ACA).  As your Pastor, I humbly ask that if you haven’t made a contribution, that you do so and give what you are able to give to support the many important ministries in our Diocese of Toledo.  To all those who have already given, I am truly and sincerely grateful!  Every little bit helps us push closer to our goal.

Stay cool this week!

It’s a joy and blessing to serve you as your Pastor,

Father Mike                                                                           +JMJ+