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Youth Board

Youth Board Mission

The Mission of the Blessed Sacrament Youth Board is to establish a program which includes Christian ideals, fairness and competitive spirit; which gives direction to coordinators, coaches, players and other youth leaders; and which provides communications with parents. It also is to raise funding for sport and scouting programs, to keep player fees at a reasonable rate for all who want to participate.

If you would like to submit a request for funding from the Youth Board, please submit the following form before a regularly scheduled Youth Board meeting. Request for Funding Form

Chain of Command

If you have any concerns regarding sports, this is the chain of command to be followed:


Please do not skip any of these steps. It is important that each of these people are aware of the situation and are given a chance to respond.

2016-2017 Youth Board Contacts

Sam Black President 419-290-7584
 Nick Wcislek Treasurer  419-297-7093
Mark Buchele Member 419-450-6287
Jim Dauterman Member 567-686-3882
Jolene Katafiasz Secretary 419-654-8072
Jeremy Jagielski member 419-356-2096
Clayton O’Connell member 419-765-3749
Pete Traver member 419-343-2786
Laura Crandall member 419-344-0380

Sports Coordinators

Baseball Jeremy Jagielski 419-356-2096
Basketball Dan Nester 734-847-3859
Cheerleading Kevin Devine (AD)  419-474-2660
Cross Country Carrie Wcislek
Football Clayton O’Connell 419-765-3749
Lobball Erica Tyburski 419-215-8313
Soccer Goldie Easton  419-367-3724
Softball Laura Crandall 419-344-0380
Track Erin O’Connell 419-6543288
Volleyball Kevin Devine (AD) 419-474-2660

Athletic Director

Kevin Devine 419-474-2660
Andy Katafiasz 419-474-2625

Scouting Coordinators

Boy Scouts Erik Olsen
Girl Scouts TBA