Most Blessed Sacrament Official Update

Dear Friends in Christ:

Due to mandates set forth by the State of Ohio and the Diocese of Toledo in response to health and safety concerns related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, the following will be adhered to, effective immediately and until further notice, at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish:

  1. Weekday and Weekly Masses will continue as scheduled without interruption.  Gatherings for churches and houses of worship are not included in the clarification of what constitutes a “mass/large gathering” by the State of Ohio.  However, use prudence and your best judgement to determine if you are able to attend Mass.  
  2. The Parish Office will remain open according to usual business hours without interruption.  
  3. Until further notice, Fish Fry Dinners will continue to be offered, but only on a TAKE-OUT basis – there will be no in-room dining.  Take-out hours will be from 4pm – 7pm.  
  4. Every precaution must be taken if you are sick; please stay home and receive the needed rest and medical attention that you require. 
  5. Every precaution must be taken if you do take part in communal activities; good hygiene and repeated hand-washing is essential.   
  6. Let us continue to pray for that Jesus Christ, our Divine Physician, will give us hope, wisdom, and healing as we respond to this temporary crisis with prudence, compassion, and common sense. Do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office if we can be of any support to you.