“May God Hold Amare Lockett in the Palms of His Merciful Hands”

“May God Hold Amare Lockett in the Palms of His Merciful Hands”
Dear Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Family:
It is with a sad and heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of one of our students in our School.  
Amare Lockett, a 4th grader at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish School, tragically passed in a house fire in the morning of December 24th. We ask that at this time you offer any and all prayers you can for
Amare, his sister Aryonna (6th grade), and his parents and entire family, as they have not only lost a son and brother, but also have lost their house and all of their belongings.  
Certainly, this is a tragic and difficult situation for our School community and our entire Parish
community. I am working diligently with Mr. Gregory Sattler, our Principal, and Ms. Shelly Straub, our
School Counselor, to bring in additional spiritual, emotional, and grief support services for our students and staff when school resumes on Wednesday, January 5th, and through the following weeks. We want to ensure that our students and staff are able to receive spiritual and emotional support to the fullest
The Parish and School will continue to update families with ways they may be able to help
Amare’s family at this time. As our School and Parish know so well, it is through difficult times that we
continue to trust in our merciful Lord and offer our sincere prayers of support — and our resources — to each other, and especially, to the Lockett family. Most Blessed Sacrament Parish and School is a
vibrant, strong, and resourceful Faith community, and our loving and compassionate God will continue
to strengthen us to reach out with sincere love and perseverance.   
Amare and his family are in dire need of help and support at this time. There are many ideas and
initiatives that are currently being discussed to support the Lockett family. But at this time, the best and most needed support we can offer is to consider supporting the Lockett family in the following ways: 
1. The Parish and School will be accepting donations in the form of clothing and toiletry items that can be dropped off in the main entrance vestibule of the middle school (newer school). Clothing items for
children (age 12) and adults are needed as well as basic toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) These items will be collected starting today (Monday) and will be donated to the
family next week.  
2. You may send monetary donations to the family through our Parish donation
Portal: https://giving.parishsoft.com/App/Giving/most2240141. Please select the category
“Lockett Family Donations”. All money sent to the Parish through the donation portal will be given
directly to Amare’s parents.  
3. You can donate to the Family’s Go Fund Me Page located at: https://gofund.me/467928fe. All money raised will go directly to Amare’s family as well.  
As we learn of funeral arrangements for Amare, we will forward them to our Parish and School families.  Our School is also planning a prayer service for Amare and his family on
Friday, January 7th at 9:15 A.M. Not only will our students be able to gather as a community of faith to pray for Amare and the Lockett family, but it will allow our students to place their trust and hope in the
Lord, who loves Amare, his family, and all of us, with a “love beyond all telling” as Sacred Scripture tells
As we continue our celebration of the holy Christmas Season, we ask Jesus Christ, our newborn King,
the Prince of Peace, to enfold Amare, this beautiful child of God, into his loving arms, as well as the
entire Lockett family.  
In the Most Blessed Sacrament, 
Father Michael Geiger