Pastor’s Page

My Dear Friends in Christ:

“Who is my neighbor?” This is the question that the scholar of the law poses to Jesus in our Gospel this Sunday. If we reflect on this question, we may find that it cuts right to the heart, because it calls to mind not only those in our lives, we consider our “neighbors” — but we also call to mind all those in our lives we DO NOT treat as if they are our neighbors. The scholar in today’s Gospel really was asking: “Who DON’T I have to love?” In other

words, he was asking: “What’s the minimum I have to do in terms of loving my neighbor, in order to follow the law of God?” And of course, with our merciful Lord, words and deeds such as “minimum” just won’t cut it! So…who is our neighbor?

  • ✓  What about the family member who has the need to always “one-up” you or be right – is he/she our neighbor?
  • ✓  What about the coworker who doesn’t pull his/her share of the workload, yet they always end up coming out smelling like a rose – is he/she your neighbor?
  • ✓  What about the friend always asking favors, yet the few times you ask a favor of him/her, he/she are unreliable and never come through– is he/she your neighbor?
  • ✓  What about the parishioner you just can’t tolerate – the loud one, or bossy one, or “holier-than-thou” one, or the one who avoids you every chance he/she gets? they your neighbor?
  • ✓  To all of these inquiries, of course the answer is YES!

    As these summer days continue to move along, may the Holy Eucharist we receive strengthen us and inspire our hearts, to love as Christ loves, and to reach out to our neighbors with the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    It is a joy and blessing to serve as your Pastor,

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