Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Ministries



The Pillar of Christian Formation

Christian Formation is the growth and development of the whole person by an intentional focus on one’s spiritual and interior life, inspired by the divine grace of the Gospel and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. It is a life-long process as a believer desires to become a disciple of Jesus and become more like him. All the ministries related to the education and formation of God’s people are included in this pillar of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.

GOAL: The Parish Community will provide age appropriate education and formation for all its members so that they will have the tools to answer their baptismal call and be faithful Catholic disciples of Jesus Christ.

OBJECTIVES: [12-13]: Develop an Adult Education Program; Revise Children’s Religious Education for greater participation

[13-14]: Continue the Adult Religious Education Program with an additional outreach to the young adult population while engaging families for greater participation in the parish community.

[14-15]: Investigate and select an appropriate youth and young adult formation process that engage the target population and enhance their spiritual journey in the Church.

 The Pillar of Divine Worship

Divine Worship is the response of the People of God to the Father’s invitation, expressed through the Church’s official liturgy as well as through other prayers and devotions. Our worship is directed to the Father, through the Son in the unity of the Holy Spirit. All the ministries related to the prayer of the Church are included in this pillar of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.

GOAL: While engaging all the members of the parish to join together in the full, active and conscious participation in the prayer of the Church, we will welcome new members and visitors inviting parishioners to use their gifts to serve in the liturgical ministries.

OBJECTIVES: [12-13]: Recruit and train Altar Servers; Coordinate Minister Schedules; utilize hymn boards and new hymnals; encourage full, active and conscious participation; welcome new members and visitors

[13-14]: Engage our active membership in an evangelization outreach to invite new, inactive and former Catholics into a full, active and conscious participation in parish life and worship.

[14-15]: In our effort to continue to participate in the new evangelization effort of the Church we will promote and invite people into the Mass Impact process and Ignite.

The Pillar of Social Concerns

Social justice is both an attitude and a practical response based on the principle that everyone should look at another person as another self. It is also the virtue that directs all the other virtues of individuals toward the common good. All the ministries related to the social outreach directed by the social doctrine of the Church are included in this pillar of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.

GOAL: While using the many avenues for communication, the parish will educate and engage its members to serve Christ by ministering to the under-served inside and outside the parish community.

OBJECTIVES: [12-13]: Highlight the work of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society for better engagement; Provide ongoing education on the Church’s social doctrine in light of societal challenges.

[13-14]: Continue the parish’s emphasis on engaging parishioners in the outreach to the underserved while providing ongoing education on the Church’s social doctrine in light of societal challenges with a biblical perspective.

[14-15]: While continuing our outreach to assist the needy we will focus on respect life issues through an enhanced communication process using the bulletin, the website and constant contact.

The Pillar of Stewardship

Christian stewards are disciples of Jesus Christ who receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord. All the ministries related to the stewardship of God’s gifts to his people are included in this pillar of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.

GOAL: The Parishioners will recognize with grateful hearts the many blessings God has bestowed upon them and joyfully share their time, talent and treasure for the Glory of God and the common good. Communally the parish will be open to collaboration with other communities to serve those in need and evaluate and execute responsible fund-raising and spending priorities.

OBJECTIVES: [12-13]: Collaborate in the North Community School Process for Catholic Education; Each parish ministry to form their goals around the goals of the parish; Enhance communication by launching a new web site and use electronic mail to engage our parish families; encourage more electronic giving; study other ways to collaborate in ministry with neighboring parishes.

[13-14]: Continue the parish’s collaboration in the North Community School Process for Catholic Education; Reinvigorate the parish’s welcoming committee and offer personal/family financial and estate education in the community.

[14-15]: While continuing to engage the other parishes in the North Community through our sponsorship of Catholic Education we will focus on the welcoming process for new parishioners.

Christian Formation Ministries

Baptism Preparation:To prepare families to more fully understand the Sacrament of Baptism.  To welcome parents as they seek the Sacrament of Baptism for their children, to explain the ceremony and symbolism of the Sacrament, to present guidelines for choosing Godparents, and promote awareness of the essential responsibilities parents have as educators of their children in the Catholic faith.  Sessions for parents of children, ages 0-6, are held the first Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.  Contact Krista Gonzalez-Luce at 419-472-2288 ext. 210 or [email protected]

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:To help young children prepare for the sacraments and participate in the life of Christ with hands-on materials in a dedicated space called the Atrium.  Young children already have a relationship with God which is nurtured with the help of catechists and Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  Contact Karen Momenee at 419-472-0620 or [email protected]

Cursillo:  Cursillo is a Catholic lay movement embraced by the Diocese of Toledo to bring hearts closer to Jesus Christ in order to be of service to the whole Church.  The Cursillo is an encounter with Christ.  It promotes a spiritual revitalization.  By living a full Christian life, we bring Christ to others, including members of our family, school, workplace, etc. The Cursillo Movement is introduced over a “Three Day Weekend”.  During the three-day weekend, which begins Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening, a team of religious and lay personnel present a series of talks to the candidates and the entire group calls upon the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and guidance.  The team and candidates live as a small Christian community over the weekend and discuss these talks in small groups.  The discussions provide an opportunity to share insights about the presentations and hear how others received that same presentation.  The talks and discussions cover a variety of topics. For more information, contact Bill or Judy Owens at 419-475-9071 or [email protected]

Early Childhood Education Center:For the young children to become more self-sufficient, confident and to have a positive, fun-loving, well rounded learning experience in a Catholic environment.  Contact Director Christine Kummer at [email protected]

Engaged Couples Conference:To instill in couples who attend this conference a sense of the spiritual foundation they will receive in the Sacrament of Marriage, and to provide them with a basis for success in their futures together as husband and wife.  Contact Krista Gonzalez-Luce at [email protected] 419-472-2288.

Holy Orders:When a gentleman feels the call to follow the Lord as Priest in the Catholic Church he should contact Father Philip Smith, our Diocesan Vocation Director, 419-244-6711 or [email protected] speak to one of the Parish Priests.  If the Permanent Diaconate is of interest to a gentleman he should call Deacon Hal Welch, our Delegate for Deacons at 419-244-6711 or speak to one of the Deacons of the Parish.

Mass Impact: Core Mission Team:To lead the parish in its aim to evangelize through the Mass Impact program whose goal is toawaken families to their extraordinary life in Jesus Christ within their ordinary world, and with the cooperation of the pastor, aspire to build communities of believers joyfully alive in Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished through guided adoration Igniteevents, as well as weekly Live Itguides offered to families and/or parish groups.  Contact Barb Hankenhof at [email protected], Joan Martinez at [email protected], or Becky Stout at [email protected].

Most Blessed Sacrament Parish School:The school recognizes the need for collaboration between teachers and parents as the primary educators of their children.  We commit ourselves to help each child grow in awareness of God, others and self by providing quality religious and academic experiences. These experiences reinforce the Christian values implanted and nurtured at home.  Our mission is to educate the whole child spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically.  Contact the Principal-Minister Greg Sattler at 419-472-1121 or e-mail him at [email protected] the Business Manager, Heather Koziarski, at 419-472-2288 or email [email protected].

Parish Mission:We partner with Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Clement and Regina Coeli Parishes to present an annual Lenten mission.  Contact Kathy Bonfiglio at 419-474-1094 or [email protected]

Prison Ministry: The Prison Ministry Team is a lay movement that endeavors to bring the name of Jesus Christ and knowledge of His Word to those in prison.  This is done by conducting retreats inside prisons for the Catholic inmates, stressing evangelization and spreading of the Word within the prison itself, as well as forgiveness, Christ’s love, hope and peace.  The team trains others to go to other prisons and put on programs with the goal of the inmates themselves eventually conducting future retreats.  Contact Bill and Judy Owens at 419-475-9071 or [email protected]

Religious Education:To pass along the faith and provide sacramental preparation to students in grades 1 through 8, for the future reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.  Contact the parish office for more information at 419-472-2288 or Joan Klein at [email protected]

Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA):To welcome all baptized and unbaptized people of all faiths who wish to inquire about the Catholic faith. RCIA provides catechesis of the Catholic faith, spiritual guidance and sacramental resolution for the inquirers. If after an appropriate time the catechumen or candidate desires to enter the Catholic Church, they will be received, usually at the Easter Vigil, with the appropriate sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  Contact Deacon Hal Welch for more information at [email protected]

Scouts:To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.  Boy Scouts: Josh Bueter 419-708-4977 [email protected]; Chuck Drabek at 419-475-9718 or [email protected]  Cub Scouts: Jeannie Friedel or [email protected]  Girl Scouts and Brownies: Building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place through the Girl Scout Promise and Law; Bethny Pfeiffer at 419-252-0622 or [email protected].

That Man is You (TMIY):To catechize and develop men into Catholic Christian male leaders of their homes and at work.  Contact Chuck Dobson at 734-856-8742 or [email protected]

Theology on Tap:The objective ofRENEW Theology on Tapis to provide an opportunity for Catholic parishes and groups to share the richness of Catholic faith with young adults, and offer a setting where people of similar values and faith can gather in a peer community.  Theology on Tap is meant to be an invitation for young adults to learn more about their faith and to share in the Catholic community.  Contact Michelle Carey, [email protected]

YDisciple:Most Blessed Sacrament Parish is excited to announce that the YDisciple program is now open to parishioners in Grades 8-12! This is a great opportunity to be part of our teen program! The program mentors our youth to become stronger disciples through a small group experience. Most Blessed Sacrament YDisciple is dedicated to assisting the teens of the parish to become disciples of Jesus Christ through discussion, fellowship with other Catholic teens, prayer, and other fun activities. Beginning Tuesday October 3, 2017, YDisciple will now meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month, 7:00-8:30 pm, in the O’Toole Room. For more information please contact Fran Hurley at (419)290-5272 or [email protected]

Youth Board:To establish a program which includes Christian ideals, fairness, and competitive spirit; which gives direction to coordinators, coaches, players, and other youth leaders; and which provides communication with parents.  It also is to raise funding for sport and scouting programs, to keep player fees at a reasonable rate for all who want to participate.  Contact Sam Black at 419-290-7584 [email protected]

 Divine Worship Ministries

Adoration:We, The Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, and all the people dedicated to the Eucharist, pray in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in our Perpetual Adoration Chapel, open 24/7. Contact the Parish Office.

Altar Servers:  To provide service opportunities for young men and women, increase their love of the Eucharist, and to encourage the vocational life.  Contact Germaine Hennessy, 419-472-1121.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:  As Eucharist Ministers of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, we dedicate ourselves to serving communion to parishioners at mass. Contact Hal Welch [email protected]

Funeral Luncheons:  This ministry provides a meal for family and friends of the deceased following funerals at Blessed Sacrament. Contact the Parish Office.

Homebound Eucharist Ministry:  As Eucharist Ministers of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, we dedicate ourselves to bringing Holy Communion to those who are sick and unable to leave their homes.  We will be caring and compassionate to those who may be suffering and in need of our prayers.  Contact Lori Kehres, 419-474-0609 or [email protected]

Hospitality:  The Hospitality Ministry is designed to provide coffee, punch, and finger food after the Sunday Masses and on special occasions (e.g., Easter Vigil, All Souls Day). The belief is that parishioners will spend some time after the Masses getting to know new people, renew old friendships, participate in and create camaraderie within the parish. Contact Jeanne Poole, 419-470-0246 [email protected]

Lectors:  Parishioners proclaim the Word effectively at Mass through the training and resources provided by this group. Contact Glenda Maher, [email protected]

Mass Coordinators:  Mass Coordinators set up bread, wine, and other items needed for Mass.  Contact Father Michael Geiger, [email protected].

Music Ministry:The Adult Choir and Contemporary Ensemble welcome all new singers and musicians to help the assembly participate more fully in the liturgy. Contact Bob Rae, 419-360-3140 or [email protected]

Prayer Chains:  Our parish has two prayer chains. For the phone prayer chain, contact Mary Jo Antalek, 419-472-3029. For the email prayer chain, contact Debbie Marciniak at [email protected]

Sacristy Cleaners:The Sacristy Cleaners of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish are dedicated to keeping the church clean so as to enhance our worship space. Contact Molly LeBlanc, 419-537-9956 or [email protected]

Ushers:  Ushers welcome parishioners arriving for Mass at the doors.   Help them with seating and answer questions if necessary, ask people to take gifts up and finish up with handing out bulletins.  Contact Mary Keel, 419-944-8470 and [email protected]

Worship Council:  The mission of Worship Council is to coordinate Parish liturgies with solemn worship under proper rubrics and to promote active participation while welcoming all who attend. Contact Judy Owens, 419-475-9071 or [email protected]

Social Concerns Ministries

Bereavement Ministry: A multi parish ministry that provides understanding and support in a safe environment for those who have lost a significant person in their lives.  If you are in interested in this ministry or in need of bereavement support please contact: Patrick Hendricks at 419-474-4356 or [email protected]

Christmas in July: Working with area charities such as Aurora House, Helping Hands of Saint Louis, Central City Ministry Schools etc., this ministry invites parishioners to help God’s people in need by donating items listed as decorations on “giving trees” located in the Narthex during the month of July.  If you would like to donate please look for the “giving tree” in the Narthex in July or contact Janet Secrest, 419-474-5604 or Pam Simrell 419-297-1099.

Happy Hatters:  A ministry that demonstrates the love of Christ in providing hats, mittens, and gloves to children in central city catholic schools. The Happy Hatters welcome more knitters and crocheters please contact Lois Doran 419-474-9636 or contact the Parish Office.

Health Cabinet: Educational help to improve the health of the parish including blood pressure checks.   Contact Maggie Herring [email protected]

Most Blessed Sacrament Outreach:  A ministry that attends to the needs of parishioners and others in the area by providing funds for utility bills, food, household items and financial emergencies. Additionally, this ministry visits parishioners in the hospital and nursing homes. If you would like to be involved additional help is needed.  Please contact John Roesner, 419-476-3963 or [email protected]

Pumpkin Pie Project: In the spirit of gratitude parishioners bake Thanksgiving pies for St Paul’s Community Center where 350 people share the annual holiday meal. If you would like to contribute pies Thanksgiving week please Kyle Gerhart 419-247-4823 or 419-292-1026 or [email protected]

Quilters:The Quilters of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish are dedicated to creating lap quilts for those in need as a sign of our parish’s care and concern.  In addition, we are working with Gabriel’s Gowns to help provide burial gowns for infants who have never left the hospital.  If you like to sew/quilt or need more information, please contact Molly LeBlanc 419-537-9956or [email protected]

Respect Life: This ministry promotes the Catholic position of a consistent ethic of life and serves families in the ongoing task of protecting and enhancing human life through education, pastoral care, and advocacy. Contact the Parish Office.

Saint Louis Soup Kitchen:  Members of the Most Blessed Sacrament parish volunteer once a month to help prepare meals for those in need of nourishment. Additional hands to help God’s children are needed.  Contact Tom Ulrich 419-472-7650 or [email protected]

Seniors:Contact Frank Antalek at 419-472-3029 or [email protected].

Stewardship Ministries

Festival Committee: Members of committee plan annual festival for families and kids of all ages including entertainment, food and beverages, games, rides and other festival activities requiring over 250 volunteers to put on the festival.  Contact Mark and Diana VanWinkle, 419-475-2929 or [email protected]

Finance Council:     Members of the council serve in Christian service in an advisory and consultative role with the Pastor and Business Manager and assist the Pastor with development and management of the Parish’s financial resources in order to allow the parish to effectively pursue its mission of spreading Christ’s Gospel and love. Contact Heather Koziarski at [email protected]g.

Fish Fry:     Members of the ministry promote Most Blessed Sacrament Parish with wonderful Lenten Friday fish dinners along with fellowship and friendship!  Contact Carla Majewski, 419-472-0041 [email protected] Laurie McHugh, 419-471-0107 [email protected]

Garden Group:   Members of group landscape and beautify the parish grounds by coordinating, organizing, digging and planting throughout the season, families and individuals welcome to adopt an area to design. Jim Sielicki, 419-472-1160 or [email protected]

Holy Name: Members of the men’s ministry meet monthly in prayer and fellowship and plan events to raise scholarship money for deserving students and in addition, assist with physical and financial tasks around the church and school.  Contact Mark Buchele, 567-694-3143 [email protected]

Parish Center Hospitality Ministers:   Members of the ministry staff the front desk weekdays greeting guests, answering phones, and routing visitors.   Contact Krista Gonzalez-Luce, 419-472-2288 ext. 210 or [email protected]

Pastoral Council:  Members dedicate themselves to pastoral planning and advancing our parish mission in a prayerful and reflective manner, working in concert with other parish groups to determine and implement pastoral objectives.  Contact John Lyons at [email protected]

Website:  Members design and update the parish website with information, news, and pictures of parish events, ministries and special messages from Father Mike Geiger. Contact Fran Hurley at [email protected]

Welcoming Committee: Members pledge themselves to making others feel at home in the parish community by welcoming and engaging new parishioners, reaching out to existing parishioners, inviting all to participate in the parish family by sharing their faith and talents.