All Most Blessed Sacrament Coaches must be certified by CYO.

To Be Certified You Must: 

  1. Take the online Concussion awareness class. Send copy of certification to the A.D. Ashley Gable
  2. Complete a online background check of yourself. All results must be forwarded to the Diocese of Toledo, the Blessed Sacrament Operations Manager and the A.D. | Ashley Gable
  3. Attend a coaching certification class.  Good for one year. You must recertify every year thereafter. Send certification and recertification info ( copy of lanyard will do) to the A.D. Ashley Gable
All fees will be reimbursed by the Youth Board with receipt

Background Checks

Process for screening of volunteers has changed, no longer fingerprint based, but social security number based.     Anyone fingerprinted since August 2011 will be “grandfathered” in; all coaches fingerprinted prior to that must submit to a new criminal background check and will have to do so every five years ($25 each time).Go to create an account and follow directions.

Concussion Certification

The required National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) online Concussion Course in response to Ohio House Bill 143 took effect in April 2013.  This course remains current for three years from the date you view the video, so re-certifying coaches may be required to view it again depending on when they initially viewed it.  New coaches may take this online course by visiting and following the attached instructions.  Coaches must then provide CYO with a copy of the Certificate of Completion – this must be done electronically to  This Concussion Course will NOT be included in certification classes, so coaches must complete this 30 minute course on their own time. 2016 Concussion Training Instructions

Certification Classes