The Youth Board Organization is currently in transition.

Please contact the office with any questions.

Youth Board

Youth Board Mission

The Mission of the Blessed Sacrament Youth Board is to establish a program which includes Christian ideals, fairness and competitive spirit; which gives direction to coordinators, coaches, players and other youth leaders; and which provides communications with parents. It also is to raise funding for sport and scouting programs, to keep player fees at a reasonable rate for all who want to participate.


Chain of Command

If you have any concerns regarding sports, this is the chain of command to be followed:

Coach -Coordinator -Athletic Director- Youth Board- Pastor- CYO

Please do not skip any of these steps. It is important that each of these people are aware of the situation and are given a chance to respond.

2022- 2023 Youth Board Contacts

Ashley GabelPresident

Sport Contacts

Athletic Director