Our Kindergarten learning space is amazing! Due to extra rooms in the elementary building, Kindergarten utilizes two learning environments. One of the spaces has an open area where students can spread out and move around to work on gross motor skills, sit for morning meetings, and other group activities. The other space has tables and chairs for when they are working on pencil and paper activities, guided whole group activities, and learning to sit and follow directions.

Curriculum follows the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study, which are very similar to the State of Ohio Standards. Our faith is undeniable and students will learn all about God, the stories of the Bible, and about Jesus’ love for His people. Kindergarteners will learn phonological awareness and reading foundational skills, skills for writing, speaking, and listening, as well as mathematics skills that focus on counting, basic number operations, measurement, and geometry skills.

Kindergarten students also learn basic Science and Social Studies principles that are cross-curricularly taught through the reading and math curriculum. The experiences do not stop with the core curriculum, Kindergarteners participate in physical education, visual arts, music, and Spanish.

Mrs. Carol Sido