Students in grades 7 & 8 comprise the yearbook staff. Under the supervision of teacher advisers, the staff works throughout the year to put together a memorable book. They take select the cover, take the pictures and design the pages. The yearbook is an on-line project for the students.

Ambassadors of Service

The Ambassadors is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who are nominated by teachers based on their leadership qualities. This is a relatively new organization, having been organized at the suggestion of several of our students. This group of students works to promote service for others in our community. They reach out to organizations in the Toledo community and open the opportunity to assist to all students in grades 6, 7, & 8. They visited several nursing homes and a soup kitchen in their first year.

Altar Servers

Being an altar server is open to both boys and girls. At the end of the fourth grade year, students are able to be trained to be an altar server. In order to do so, they must be a member of the Catholic faith. They are fully trained and once they have completed the training, they are placed on the list of servers to be scheduled for weekend masses. They have the opportunity to serve weddings and funerals also. These individuals assist at our school masses. Each year, a head altar server is selected from the in-coming 8th grade to help assign servers for the weddings and funerals.