Second grade is a big year! Our Catholic faith moves into Sacramental preparations for Reconciliation and Eucharist/First Holy Communion. The students are attending Mass weekly and students are taking a deeper look at Scripture, the Liturgical year, parts of the Mass, and the Sacraments. Curriculum follows the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study, which are very similar to the State of Ohio Standards. The English Language Arts curriculum gets ramped up to begin preparations for our students to become proficient readers and writers. Students begin interpreting and analyzing text for meaning by learning the text features that go into making different genres of literature. Writing skills begin to include more vocabulary and beginning research skills as well as using the conventions of English to edit and produce a final copy of an essay or story. Mathematics takes the mastery of basic number operations and applies them to more rigorous equations in order to solve problems. Place value and knowledge of what numbers mean in different forms, written and numerical, is a key focus in the properties of operations. Measurement and Geometry skills expand to include estimation and accuracy. Second Grade students also learn Life, Physical, and Earth Science material as well as Social Studies principles in history, geography, and culture. These may be taught cross-curricularly through the reading and math curriculum. The experiences do not stop with the core curriculum, Second Graders  participate in physical education, visual arts, music, and Spanish.

Miss Morgan Kuhlman